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Sitka Physical Therapy, LLC was founded in 1999 and remains Sitka’s only out-patient PT private practice offering a comprehensive menu of rehabilitative services.

Our team of experienced professionals is skilled in differential diagnosis, which is a process of detailed evaluation aimed at identifying the source of your symptoms. We direct treatment at the underlying cause of your pain while actively addressing your symptoms; this allows for more complete healing and prevention of pain reoccurrence.

We take a proactive approach to rehabilitation and have furnished our facility with the most up-to-date exercise equipment to help you on your path to recovery and optimal function (AED equipped).


Our patients enjoy personalized one-on-one treatment exclusively under the care of a licensed Physical Therapist following a thorough initial evaluation.


Summer 2018 news



SPT is offering:

Pre-season Sport-Specific Injuries Screens and Injury Prevention Programs


Massage at Sitka Physical Therapy

Lori Laing, LMT has over 25 years experience and is now accepting patients via insurance or private pay

Call 907 747 4559 for appointment



SPT is now offering Dry Needling!

Please see our specialty page for more info or call and schedule your appointment today @



Group Aquatics Classes

Do you have arthritis or achy joints? Have you been trying to start exercising but get pain or feel it is too difficult? If so, exercising in the pool could be your answer! Accepting most insurances as well as cash pay. Give us a call for more information or to sign up!


Summer hours are Tue and Thur @ 2:00pm



Check out SPT's facebook page for weekly tips and tools to prevent injuries!



SPT continues to offer Sitka’s most affordable

Custom Foot Orthotics….

Lower Extremity Biomechanical Assessment + Negative Foot Casting + Custom Biomechanical Orthotics = $400


Preferred Providers:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Tri-Care
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid



Public Testimony

"Sitka Physical Therapy has been instrumental in the success of hundreds of people's fitness goals at the Hames Center. From leading introductory courses in safe and effective ways to use the gym equipment to specialized workshops such as runner's clinics and aerobic & strength training, their professional physical therapists have provided guidance that has inspired, motivated, and expanded a lot of people's lives."

-Cindy Edwards; Past Hames Center Director


“Over the course of six year serving as Athletic Director at Sitka High School I was always comforted by the fact that I knew both my athletes and our visiting athletes had at their disposal an incredible, professional team of athletic trainers and physical therapists from Sitka Physical Therapy. Eric, Alicia, Paul and their entire team were reliably present week in and week out both in case of injury at our athletic competitions, and as volunteer help for our injured athletes that needed attention during practice time. Sitka High School and it's students continue to be indebted to Sitka Physical Therapy for their concern and professional expertise in keeping athletes healthy.”

-Mike Vieira; Sitka High School, Past Athletic Director 2007-2013


“Sitka PT has been a great asset to the Sitka Sound Slayers Roller Derby league. They have volunteered to cover all of our games to assess injuries and advise players on proper injury recovery and prevention. They are always professional, knowledgeable and flexible when it comes to the care of our league.”

-Laura Middleton ; Sitka Sound Slayers Roller Derby

“Sitka Physical Therapy has been a valuable asset to the Sitka High School basketball program. Volunteering their personal time, staff members are present at every varsity basketball game, providing athletes with excellent sports medical coverage. Trained therapists have shared their knowledge with players and coaches on injury prevention, as well as post injury recovery. Once a week, throughout the season, they attend practice and are available for players needing assistance with current injuries. Sitka Physical Therapy owners and staff members are a blessing to our community. They have repeatedly shown their concern and care for the wellbeing of our student-athletes.”

-Rich Krupa; Sitka High School Girls Basketball assistant Coach and Athletic Director


The Physical Therapists at Sitka Physical Therapy go above & beyond to share their  expertise with our community. As a course programmer at our community fitness facility,  these physical therapists have served nearly 150 community members getting started  with fitness routines & learning to use fitness equipment properly to prevent injury.  Because of their generosity, we have a healthy, supported, and empowered  membership and community members have been inspired to make significant healthy  lifestyle changes."

-Caitlin Blaisdell; Volunteer at Hames Center


“Sitka Physical Therapy has been a wonderful community partner to Sitka High School.  Their staff  are highly competent professionals who embody the spirit of community  service.  Sitka High School activites would be greatly diminished without them.”

-Scott McAdams; Sitka High School, Past Athletic Director 2013-14









SPT is offering running evaluations!

Wether you are trying to improve form, your speed, or treat or prevent an injury; we can help! Make an appointment today to take your running to the next level!






The Hames Center and SPT are excited to continue to bring you a variety of free lecture series. Stay tuned for the next weight training 101, aerboic 101, and running clinics in the near future! And don't forget about the wonderful service of FREE injury screens every Thursday evening between 5-6pm.

  • Aerobic and Strength Training 101 next date to be announced soon!
    at the Hames Center presented by Alicia Haseltine PT, DPT, CMPT



  • Weight Training 101 presented by Nick Pilch DPT:
    next date to be announced soon @ Hames Center


  • Manual Physical Therapy

Next date to be announced soon@ Sitka Physical Therapy Clinic

Alicia Haseltine PT, DPT, CMPT

Completed levels I-III of the North American Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (NAIOMT) and awarded CMPT (Certified Manual Physical Therapist)
Manual Physical Therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy where one uses thier hands to make a change in a person's tissues or joints to address an impairment. Examples include:  
* Manipluation
* Mobilization
* Muscle Energy Techniques
* Massage
* Traction

Come learn some self treatment including muscle energy techniques, self mobilization, self traction, and even practice partner massage. Who doesn't love a free massage?!?


  • Concussions in High School Athletes
    Next Date to be announced soon Eric Speck PT, ATC and Dr. Lehmann MD Information on effects of concussions, protocols, and resources. More info soon to come!
  • Preseason ACL Injury Prevention
    Ongoing; Sitka High School. Open to all interested group Alicia Haseltine PT, DPT, CMPT, Eric Speck PT, ATC, Mark Kasprowicz DPT, Nick Pilch DPT
  • FREE Injury screens * Sitka High School Training room: Wed 4pm * Trooper Academy: Wed 3pm
    * HAMES Center-open to all members: Thur 5pm Sign up on under classes Alicia Haseltine PT, DPT, CMPT; Eric Speck PT, ATC Mark Kasprowitcz DPT , Nick Pilch DPT


  • Specific Sport Warm-up Programs

Ongoing: Available to all Sports programs in town. Please contact Alicia if you are a coach, player or parent interested in this opportunity. See below for an example used for SHS Boys Basketball.

Alicia Haseltine PT, DPT, CMPT; Eric Speck PT, ATC; Mark Kasprowicz DPT; Nick Pilch DPT






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