Orthopedic & Sports Injuries
The source of painful symptoms, functional loss or sub-optimal performance is determined through detailed evaluation of the affected part and overall body mechanics. Our treatment program will be tailored to assist you in a quick return to function/sport, re-injury prevention and achievement of your personal goals.

We specialize in orthopedic and sports physical therapy, with a large emphasis on the athlete and return to play. Our training is largely geared around an orthopedic population, with credentials showing this such as Jessica Pyatt, OCS (orthopedic clinical specialist), Eric Speck ATC (athletic trainer), and Alicia Haseltine NAIOMT certified (orthopedic manual therapy specialist).  Each of our therapists are involved in the athletic community through volunteer efforts in high school sports, the local roller derby, the Trooper Academy, Hames Athletic Center, as well as the Coast Guard.  This gives us an advantage by seeing the level of function each athlete is at prior to injury, as well as knowing what they need to accomplish to return safely to sport/activity.  Our treatment techniques are designed specifically for this such as running analysis, athlete performance evaluations, and observation of specific sport practices, which one would not find in a general outpatient clinic.

We also offer Specific Sports Injury Prevention Programs and Dynamic Warm Ups

such as Basketball ACL Injury Prevention

Sitka Skippers Dynamic Warm Up

Sitka Sound Slayers Roller Derby off skate Warm Up

gisrls softball warm up 2018






Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation
We will work closely with your surgeon to ensure protected healing, a timely return to function and to maximize your functional potential following surgery. Exercise prescription ahead of your surgery can make for a quicker, easier recovery and is often physician recommended. Provision of operative supplies, including custom brace measurement, is also performed at our clinic.

Acute/Chronic Back & Neck Pain

Treatment is available for herniated/bulging discs, degenerative disc and joint disease, spinal stenosis, spinal instability, sciatica, referred pain and cervicogenic headaches. Methods of treatment include joint specific mobilization, postural re-education, manual traction, soft tissue mobilization and stabilization exercises with an emphasis on self help.

Custom Orthotic Prescription

Pain in the joints and soft tissue of the foot, leg and mid/low back can sometimes be associated with your foot type and subsequent malalignment. We perform detailed lower extremity biomechanical evaluation and casting of your feet to determine the source of painful compensations and the desired corrections necessary. The correctional orthotics (shoe inserts) are then fabricated by the experts at Biomechanical Services who offer a comprehensive warranty and pediatric program.

Functional Dry Needling

*A way to perform a "system reset." Reset, reinforce, reload!

*Currently, Alicia Haseltine PT, DPT, CMPT has completed level 1 training through Kineticore for Functional Dry Needling (FDN). The instructors of Kinetacore believe that the physical therapist’s greatest asset is their knowledge and ability to assess/treat/affect movement. Functional movement is a goal for every patient to achieve and the properly trained physical therapist is perfectly positioned to guide and hasten the patient/client’s journey to healthy movement. Functional Dry Needling® is a version of dry needling that focuses not on pain, but on movement. Evaluation and assessment of dysfunctional movement is imperative for the therapist to successfully affect movement. Treating the neuromuscular tissue that is not allowing or promoting proper movement is the goal of Functional Dry Needling®. If properly applied, pain quickly subsides and corrective movements are more easily adopted. Pain is also addressed with FDN® and all the other tools we have, because we know that proper function will not happen when pain is on board. Functional Dry Needling® is the perfect tool for the movement based physical medicine practitioner.

The following are some of the changes that occur with FDN. Call and speak to Alicia for more information.

-Increase ROM by: Increase blood flow; Decrease banding locally or in segmental muscles; Improve ability of muscle to move through range

-Decrease pain by: Deactivate painful trigger point; Decrease nociceptive sensitizing agents; Decrease SEA; Decrease banding/compression of adjacent tissues; Segmental Inhibition (DRG and Dorsal Horn); Affect on central mediators (PAG and endogenous opioids)

-Restore Function by: Restore length tension relationship; Decrease Nociception; Improve somatosensory mapping

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Tailored Exercise Prescription

The role of exercise in disease management is well documented and specific recommendations on type, duration and intensity of cardiovascular and strength training are available. We can help guide you through the most effective and safe research based exercise program integral to management of osteoporosis, diabetes and obesity.


Ergonomic/Workplace Evaluation

Evaluation of the physical work environment may identify areas of potential risk for postural, repetitive strain or mechanical injury to the worker. Recommendations may then be made based on industrial standards and implementation of changes facilitated.
Such evaluations can be performed in the workplace, home office or any environment in which the client is frequently situated.


Functional Capacity Assessment

Our extensive testing provides data presented in a concise report on the client's ability in multiple and diverse functional tasks. The FCA may be used to determine suitability for return to work or in consideration of alternate vocational placement.  One and two day FCAs are available with testing over 4 and 8 hours respectively.  DSI certified providers.






Job Function Analysis & Testing

Every job has multiple physical demands which can be described and objectively measured/quantified.  Potential or injured employees may then be objectively tested against each job function. This facilitates early return to work for injured employees who may be ready to return to many or all job tasks. In the case of new hires, Post Offer Testing ensures that the employee is matched to the demands of the job offered. Our therapists are DSI certified providers.



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